Brett Gwaltney

Sales Associate
(507) 259-4926

Brett, a Rochester native, seamlessly integrates a passion for sports, education, and financial expertise into his journey. Born and raised in Minnesota, Brett began his academic and athletic pursuits at Rochester Community and Technical College, showcasing both his intellect and baseball skills. Transitioning to Grand Valley State in Michigan, he continued his commitment to collegiate baseball at the Division 2 level. Beyond the realm of academia and sports, Brett is a dedicated fan of the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas Jayhawks, underscoring his affinity for competition. Golfing serves as a well-deserved escape, offering a balance of leisure and strategic engagement. Following a notable 9.5-year tenure in corporate finance, Brett made a pivotal career move in 2022. Leveraging his financial acumen, he joined the family real estate business, embracing the role of a realtor with the same dedication that fueled his success in baseball and finance. With a unique blend of skills and unwavering passion, Brett is positioned to make a significant impact in the dynamic field of real estate.